Rodent Control

We will create an individualized rodent treatment plan to provide protection against rodents, using the most effective and environmentally safe solutions available.

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Mice are small rodents that often invade your home, business or property due to extreme
weather changes or conditions. Mice are similar to rats, they are scavengers and live off of
human scraps. Mice are very productive breeders due to their rapid gestionale cycles, just one female mouse can have up to 200 juveniles a year. Causing quick infestations and spreading diseases to humans like Hantavirus and plague and more, by leaving their droppings and urine behind. Mice also bring other unwanted pests like bed bugs, fleas and mites.

Mice are common for properties near large open spaces or newly built homes, due to less human contact and more shelter opportunities. Mice are small and have no collar bone which makes it very easy for them to fit through small dime sized openings and cracks. Mice will chew through wires, insulation, drywall and a variety of other materials to build their nests. They are known to build nests in attics, basements, garage space and sheds. Mice can cause swift and costly damages due to necessary clean up procedures and repairs.


Rats are large rodents by any measurement, rats take first place as the most generally
destructive and harmful mammalian pests in Southern California urban areas. They are ideally evolved to coexist with humans in our cities, homes and landscapes. Typically they invade properties in the fall, but they can be a problem at any point in the year. A female rat typically births six litters a year consisting of 5 to 12 pups a year. Rats have a rapid gestionale cycle and mature after 4-5 weeks, meaning that a population can swell from two rats to around 1,250 in one year, with the potential to grow exponentially! The most serious problems with rats include quick infestations and the spread of transmissible diseases to people and pets, such as Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) and murine typhus also parasite transmission such as fleas and mites. Man made shelters such as homes, offices, businesses or even nesting in vehicles. All seem to be good locations to find warmth, shelter, food or any other resources than those invading rats may be after.

Rats are always looking for easily accessible food options like pet food bowls left outside and open trash containers. These rodents eat anything from fruits and grains to meats and even each other! They chew through electrical wiring, air conditioning ducts, car hoses or brake lines, indoor and outdoors they can cause significant and costly damage. Once they have been drawn to a property, they’ll continue to scavenge around the perimeter of your home until they find a way inside and swiftly infest your property!

Rodent Abatement and Exclusions

When exterminating rodents Zbest Pest Management will start the process by sending out our professional, state- licensed and certified technician to do a comprehensive inspection of your property inside and outside, including attics and any accessible crawl spaces to determine the type and extent of infestation you are experiencing. Once the source and location of the infestation is identified, we will customize a treatment plan based on your needs and schedule. Depending on your property or severity of infestation we offer ongoing rodent control services on a monthly, bi monthly or quarterly basis to protect your property year round. Elimination of rodents include a combination of secured baiting stations for non targeted animals, trapping and exclusions of all entry points to the property. All trappings and secured baiting stations are placed in areas away from children and pets.


Rodent Clean Up Services

When rodents gain access to areas such as attics, sub areas, storage areas,and garages they leave behind fecal, droppings, urine, nesting material, birthing material, other forms of
defecation, ectoparasites and bacteria that are extremely harmful to humans and pets.These contaminants must be removed along with any soiled insulation to ensure occupants of the
property are not contracting disease or infection from exposure. Zbest Pest Management will clean the areas by removing all nesting sites, contaminants and soiled insulation. We then treat the areas for ectoparasites and will replace damaged insulation with the addition of blown in insulation.


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We will do a free comprehensive inspection of your home, office or business to find those problematic areas that are allowing pests in. Then we will customize an individualized plan of action for all your pest control needs. Being proactive on the outside keeps your family, pets and loved ones safe on the inside!

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